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Collective Action

Working together to achieve greater impact.

There are many organizations working to address mental and behavioral health needs, all of which have their own unique purpose within the community. While each group has its own mission and vision, there are overarching goals within the behavioral health community which benefit all. In late 2018, the Greenville County Behavioral Health Coalition was formed to identify and align these goals through collective actions. The coalition is an association of behavioral health partners who work to increase access to care and prevention efforts by strengthening the community capacity of Greenville County. Stalled by the COVID pandemic, stakeholders used the time to refocus and reposition the coalition for success. For the past six months, leaders across the behavioral health field have been providing input on goals and strategies for action and a framework and structure to support the collaborative work. In 2021, the coalition re-launched as the Well Being Partnership of Greenville County.

Progress within the behavioral health sphere of Greenville County is due to the on-the-ground work of many organizations, ranging from traditional counseling to recovery-focused community healing. The Well Being Partnership (WBP) takes on the capacity-building role in improving Greenville’s well-being by focusing on three main roles: Data & Learning, Advocacy & Public Policy, and Solutions & Innovation. Within each of these areas, the Coalition has created broad goals which focus on supporting and magnifying the work of partners. 

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