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We support collective action towards:

Improving access to care 

Strengthening community capacity

Expanding and amplifying prevention efforts

We support our members through:

Collecting data, tracking progress, and shared learning

Coordinating the advocacy efforts of our partners to increase knowledge and influence policy

Facilitating innovative and collaborative local solutions

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Goals & Strategies


Data & Learning

  • Goal: Quantitative and qualitative data is regularly and systematically collected and used to drive action and decision-making at both the organizational and “systems” levels and the coalition fosters a culture of learning across the partnership.

  • Strategy: Establish a data collection plan, data tracking process, and annual activities to report progress and learning.

Advocacy & Public Policy

  • Goal: Well-being (mental and behavioral health) is a community-wide priority for action in Greenville County.

  • Strategy: Align and coordinate policy/advocacy efforts among coalition partners and increase community awareness of the needs and resources available to support mental and behavioral health.


Solutions & Innovation

Community Capacity 

  • Goal: Every resident is able to access a range of services and support for mental and behavioral health needs. 

  • Strategy: Strengthen community capacity to prevent, respond to, and support mental and behavioral health needs of individuals.

Access to Care

  • Goal: Every resident is able to access a range of services and support for mental and behavioral health needs.

  • Strategy: Increase access to mental and behavioral health care.

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